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If a coach, a shaman, a martial artist and a musician had a baby, that's basically me.

You might believe that I'm a coach, martial artist and musician, but unless you knew me personally, you might wonder how the whole "shaman" thing came about.

I was a martial artist for most of my life, and a professional mixed martial arts fighter for much of my 20's, fighting grown men in cages for money in front of thousands of fans.

I trained hard and partied even harder, destroying one friendship or intimate relationship after another, burning more bridges than I was building.

Before that I was a petty criminal, doing what I could to climb out of the poverty and scarcity mindset my family and society programmed into me.

I grew up in THE worst place to live in Canada according to MoneySense magazine (though I strongly disagree, especially if you've had Acropole Pizza...), and below poverty level at that. Soup kitchens and food banks were the main sources of sustenance in my childhood years. Pictou County was tough back then.

In 2006, after imagining myself as a professional fighter since I was just 7 years old I finally got my break. I started my training at nearly 245 pounds, and five weeks later weighed in at 200 pounds, 8 inches shorter and much softer than my opponent. Through a stroke of fate, I won the fight by one point.

Eleven years later, after multiple failed businesses, destroyed relationships, thousands in debt and a lifetime of mistakes, I found myself in the mountains of Cusco, Peru for the third time to experience a shamanic ayahuasca retreat.

Between May 2016 when I first traveled to Cusco to experience ayahuasca, and August 2018, when I returned for the third time, I experienced more than 300 plant medicine healing ceremonies, using medicines including ayahuasca, San Pedro, psilocybin mushrooms, dimethyltriptamine extracted from mimosa bark and cannabis.

At the same, I apprenticed under deep and powerful coaches with the Rich Litvin Group in California. Rich wrote the book "The Prosperous Coach and has inspired thousands of people to create a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Throughout my journey I uprooted and healed a dozen childhood traumas I didn't know I even experienced, including near death experiences, sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I started to recognize how my past relationships and unhealed traumas were holding me back not only in my relationships to my family, but to others and even my finances.

I learned that my unhealed childhood past was holding me back in virtually all areas of my life. 

As I healed my past, a new personality began to emerge, and on September 1, 2018 because of my hard work, dedication and sacrifice through ceremony I was initiated as a shaman, a "doctor" or a "maestro" in mountains of the the Sacred Valley, in Cusco, Peru.

My mission is to share the healing I've experienced with the world so they others can avoid a lot of the pain and suffering I had to experience in my life. My dream is to help good people, like my family and yours, heal from their pain so the true version of themselves can emerge.

I believe that a time has come for our global society to work together to share our healing traditions and techniques so we can heal ourselves and our planet.

I believe in a time of true happiness and prosperity on our planet, and I believe that we have the technology and the wisdom to make it happen in just one generation.

We are powerful beyond measure, and when we learn to love and forgive ourselves for our past, our true power begins to show and we align with the life we were always meant to have.

There is something beautiful waiting for all of us, if we only have the courage to take the first step.

"I have been working with Ricky for several months now, and I have to say that the insight and inspiration that this young man has given to me has proved invaluable to both my business and myself personally. I don't throw around compliments without cause, so believe me when I say that this is money and time well invested."

- Neville MacKay, Master Florist, My Mother's Bloomers

"Ricky's coaching has been crucial to me being true to my dreams. When we started working together, I was giving too much to others in a business I wasn't passionate about. Now I am practicing the way want to, have a podcast, and am experiencing joy and optimism every day; I feel like myself again."

- Dr. Amanda Hennigar, Naturopathic Doctor

"I knew Ricky was an incredible coach the very first time I spoke with him. You see, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches in the past so I became pretty good at reading them. Ricky cared about me, my success, my legacy, my dreams. Not only does he have some AMAZING, inspiring, and transformational insights; but he was also able to take me deeper than every before. I uncovered and healed many issues in my life including repressed childhood memories. I have gained my life back. Have I mentioned it's only been several months? Thank you, Ricky, for hearing me, seeing me, and always being honest with me. You've given me so much more than I ever imagined possible. I am forever grateful."

- Danna Yahav, Women’s Empowerment Coach

Ricky has helped me understand the workings of my psyche in more depth and now I am no longer a victim to my past conditioning. It's a process to really integrate all that I discover about myself but I'm constantly progressing and becoming a better me!

- Alain Cormier, Transformation Specialist

Working with Ricky has provided a safe place to acknowledge and conquer my limiting beliefs - opening up a whole new level of possibilities in my career and personal life.

- Jennifer Decoste, Founder, Life.School.House

I think the biggest thing for me (so far) is coming to really understand addiction and how much it controlled my life. Through working with Ricky and using the tools he gave me I've made so many leaps in my life and got control of it back!

- DeAna T

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