What if you loved life so much that it felt like vacation everyday?

My passion is to help people access a level of freedom and happiness they only previously imagined. I work with brave individuals who are willing to face the darker parts of themselves so they can shine as bright as the stars.

My clients are CEO's, artists, performers, politicians, healers and change makers who are on the path of inner healing so they can project their truth into the world in a way that brings them joy and fulfillment in all areas of life.

When we work together, I show my clients a reflection of themselves that helps them see with clarity the patterns and circumstances that are holding them back. I believe that all of my clients are capable of miraculous and magical feats, and the work I do helps them see what's holding their magic back.

My goal with every client is to help them create an unquestionable connection to their own inner wisdom, inner genius or what I refer to as their "Authentic Self," so they can find solutions to any of their life's challenges. I help my clients connect to their own infinite source of ideas, insights and inspirational thoughts that can be applied to any skill, talent or endeavor they choose.

From there, my clients will begin to align with the mission and purpose that they have deep inside of them, something they've felt their whole lives, but never fully acted on. They'll begin to live a life of freedom, playfulness and what the Andean Shamans refer to as, "absolute happiness." Life will lose its rigidity and will begin to naturally flow in a direction that brings my clients the feeling of joy and ease they've always wanted.

...and that's where the fun really begins.

Before you continue, I should mention that my work isn't for everyone. My work is deep and powerful, and it often includes uncomfortable conversations and facing parts of yourself you may have never thought you'd face. My goal is to help you become you who truly are, which means I'm not willing to believe the stories you tell yourself or others.

If you've got a burning desire to create a bigger impact in the world while becoming the truest, most authentic version of yourself that you can become, then we should speak. Send me an email to ricky@rickygoodall.com