Learn to Trust Yourself and Follow Your Higher Calling So You Can Passionately Live Your Life's Purpose

(without people pleasing and giving your power away to others)

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Chances are, if you're reading this, you're a good man whose heart is in the right place.

You want to be a good person, to make a difference in the world and to show up for your family.

You want to live a life worth remembering, and to achieve the goals and dreams that are hidden in your heart.

But sometimes, life throws you a curve ball, and you fall off track.

Maybe you doubt your intuition and gut instincts when it really matters, only to end up feeling regret and frustration when you fall short of your goals and dreams.

Maybe you question your pace and how quickly you get things done, only to find yourself procrastinating on the things that matter most.

Maybe you avoid asking for help and try to do it all yourself, only to end up doing nothing at all.

You might even people please and show up inauthentically with others to avoid conflict, only to feel like a complete fraud deep inside.

Behaviour like this robs us of our power, destroys our self-respect and leads to emotional triggers, temper tantrums and a life half lived. 

It convinces us that we're weak, helpless and a failure, and ultimately leads to more behaviour like it.

But it doesn't have to.

We can build confidence in ourselves and learn to trust our intuition and gut instinct when we need it most.

We can learn to flow at our own pace and still achieve the goals and dreams that are burning in our hearts.

We can develop the habit of showing up fully and authentically in our relationships, despite the pressure from others to fit in.

We can become the man we've always dreamed of being and leave a legacy that's remembered long after we're gone.

My name is Ricky Goodall, and I used to be someone who fell short of my dreams, doubted my intuition and questioned my ability to be the man I know I can be. 

It was April 27, 2012 and I was about to fight as the main event front of a hometown crowd in Halifax, NS, Canada.

My teammate was originally supposed to be the main event, but he didn't pass his medicals last minute and my semi-main event fight got bumped up to main event.

The meant that instead of being the second last fight on the card, I'd be the last fight, and the one that everyone anticipated seeing.

It was a total dream come true, and something I imagined only years before.

(here's the original fight poster)

(here's the replacement poster)

I'd been a professional MMA fighter since 2006, just after attending the first legal MMA event in Nova Scotia as a spectator.

The event was called ECC - Extreme Cage Combat 1 and was scheduled to happen on April 29, 2006 at the Halifax Forum. I waited in line for two hours to get in, and had to sit in the nosebleed section at the back of the arena. It didn't matter to me though, I was just happy to be there.

I remember watching the fights with excitement and exhilaration, thinking to myself, "I'll be in there someday."

Five months later I fought my first fight, and less than six years later I was scheduled to fight my 18th fight in the same arena mentioned above against a world Muay Thai champion and a tough MMA fighter from New Mexico.

I was in the best shape of my life for that fight, and I felt ready.

I spent the first 4:57 picking the guy apart with punches, leg kicks, knees and elbows. I even caught him with a high kick or two.

(this is me throwing a high kick on him)

But then, with only three seconds left in the round, I was knocked the f$%k out.

I was unconscious for close to two minutes, then gave an interview to the post fight announcer before leaving the cage. After that I did an interview with the newspaper, then was wheeled out to an ambulance in a stretcher.

To this day I don't remember any of it.

(this is me in the stretcher)

That fight rocked my world and led to a series of rock bottoms that ended up in my retirement from MMA.

But the truth is, it all could have been avoided.

At 4:50 in the first round, the judges hit their table three times with a hammer to signify that there were only ten seconds left in the round.

My coach yelled from my corner to "finish the round strong," implying that I should finish the round aggressively by rushing my opponent with strikes.

My intuition told me that I was already winning, that I didn't need to rush in and that it would be better to stay at the pace I was going at, but I questioned myself and listened to my coach, because I thought he knew better.

That decision cost me the fight, and ultimately my career.

I learned first from that fight and later in my journey to become a High Magician, Shaman and Spiritual Leadership Coach that no one knows my life better than me, and that my intuition is the most powerful guiding system I have. 

I questioned my intuition in that fight, and I paid the price as a result.

In the years to come, I'd battle with alcohol and drug abuse as well as problems in my relationships as a result of that loss.

I felt embarrassed, ashamed and as if I failed at my biggest dream. It was hard to look at myself in the mirror most days, and when I did I despised the person who was looking back at me.

I went through rock bottom after rock bottom, only to eventually come to the realization that what I needed then was always inside of me, and it's still inside of me now.

That loss was hard, but it served as a great lesson that the direction I was meant to go in and the pace I was meant to go at was already inside of me, and no one could give that to me but myself.

My coach meant well by telling me what he thought was right, but at the end of the day only I know what's best for me, and when I listen to my own inner voice over the voices of others, miracles can happen.

Learning this truth set me free in my relationships, super charged my ability to achieve my goals and dreams and helped me forgive myself for not listening in the past.

And that's when everything changed.

I picked myself up after my rock bottom(s) and started working with expert coaches, experienced shamans and miraculous healers who all taught me how to follow my intuition, trust my process and lead myself from the inside out.

They didn't give me advice, make suggestions or tell me how to run my life, because they know that I'm the expert in that.

Rather, they asked powerful questions, held space for me to figure out my own problems and reflected back the blind spots I couldn't see.

This new skill led to a deepening in my relationships, an acceleration of my goals and dreams and a new found level of self-respect and self-love I only dreamed of before.

I developed the ability to trust my own God-given, internal guiding system that is designed to always lead me to my greatest excitement, bliss and happiness,.

If you're a brave man who can feel that there's greatness inside of you, and if you're someone who wants to trust his intuition and pace in life so you can unleash your greatness into the world, then I'd like to tell you that I see you, and you're not alone.

Your perceived failures and so-called losses were not failures or losses. They were lessons and gifts meant to help you remember just how powerful you are, and what you're capable of.

They were necessary steps in your journey and challenges in your adventure preparing you for the extraordinary life you have waiting inside of you.

If you're a brave man who wants to super charge his trust in himself and his pace in life, and if you're ready to face the parts of yourself that are holding you back from achieving this, then I have an opportunity for you.

The Shamanic Warrior is a mastermind collective of brave men and Conscious Kings who want to trust their intuition, develop superhuman faith in themselves and become the hero of their story.

It's for men who:

  • Want to develop strong leadership practices and the ability to hold space for others to discover their own greatness inside 
  • Are tired of trying to do it all themselves and who want a support system who believes in them even when they don't believe in themselves
  • Want to follow their gut and intuition when making important decisions about their life and business 
  • Are ready to trust their flow and the pace they're going at so they can slow down to speed up and get more done 
  • Desire the confidence to express themselves and their truth in any social situation despite what others think of them
  • Want to become an expert at asking for what they want in a way that encourages others to actually give it to them
  • Are finished trading all of their time for money and who are ready to use their God-given talents and gifts to create their own empire 

These men are ready to take massive action in their lives and face their deepest fears and patterns so they can live the life they know they have the potential to live.

The Shamanic Warrior is designed to help you:

  • Create a strong support system of brave men that believe in you and challenge you to go for your biggest goals and dreams
  • Develop powerful leadership habits and practices that allow you to inspire others to take action without telling them what to do 
  • Build confidence in your truth and your ability to express it in a way that others can fully receive it
  • Have trust in your ability to listen to and act on your intuition even in high pressure circumstances
  • Maintain faith that pace you're going at is enough to get everything you want done without missing out on the things that matter
  • Develop a broader awareness of your hidden resources and opportunities that are all around you
  • Discover your hidden gifts and talents so you can earn more, work less and spend more time doing what you love to do 

The Shamanic Warrior is a cross between a shamanic pilgrimage, a coaching mastermind and a spiritual martial arts training camp.

During the experience you'll work with a group of other warriors like you to transform your life in five dimensions:

1) Your Spiritual Dimension - you'll expand your spiritual practice, leading you to develop superhuman faith in yourself and the universe without strict religion or dogma.

2) Your Mental Dimension - you'll learn to transform your unconscious beliefs, thoughts and words in real time so you can stop running on autopilot and start living your life deliberately and consciously.

3) Your Emotional Dimension - you'll transform your heavy, dense emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, regret, disappointment, insecurity and fear into joy, patience, confidence, acceptance, inspiration, happiness and love.

4) Your Physical Dimension - you'll have more passion and drive to eat healthy, exercise and reduce stress while exponentially increasing your income and impact in the world

5) Your Consciousness Dimension - you'll transform your consciousness from one of separation, suffering, duality and disconnection to oneness, peace, unity with the world around you.

The Shamanic Warrior is not for everyone, and should not be taken lightly. From the moment your journey begins until the moment it ends, you'll be guided through a deep, transformative process that will challenge the way you see yourself and the world around you.

>>> If this feels like a challenge you're ready for, the first step is completing an application, which you can do by clicking here <<<

If accepted, you and I will jump on a short call to discuss the details and confirm that it's a good fit for you.

The Shamanic Warrior Includes:

  • Bimonthly private, one-on-one, two hour inspirational and motivational coaching sessions with me
  • Biweekly online three hour group empowerment sessions (recorded in case you miss it) where you'll get fired up for your life 
  • Customized "high flame" homework designed to inspire you to take courageous action on your goals and dreams
  • A private support social media app where you'll share your progress with others in the program 
  • A private WhatsApp Group Chat to stay motivated and focused between calls 

There are also bonus audio, video and PDF resources to help you understand the process of transforming yourself on all five dimensions mentioned above, as well as live online social events, breathwork ceremonies and more to support you in your journey.

Here's how it works:

  • We meet as a group every two weeks for a three hour, group empowerment session where you'll share your successes and and challenges (recorded in case you miss it) 
  • You'll get customized, high flame homework after every call to help you take inspired action in the direction of your goals and dreams 
  • You and I will meet every two months for a two hour, deep coaching session to blast through your limitations and overcome your obstacles
  • You'll connect with the other members during group calls and outside of them on your own time to develop deeper connections 
  • You'll get all of the extra support you need in our private social media app and WhatsApp Group, both of which you can access right from your phone 

>>> If you're a brave man who is ready to level up and become the hero of your life, click here to apply <<<

I believe it's time for brave, powerful and caring men like us to step up to the plate, become the men we're meant to be and make a difference in the world that will be remembered for generations to come. 

Are you ready to become the man you always dreamed you'd be?