I'm on a mission to inspire 1,000,000,000 rock stars, leaders and miraculous healers to dream as big as Heaven on Earth by February 2030.

I'm on a mission, and I'll be honest, it's a little crazy.

It's never been done before, at least not in recorded history, and it's such a lofty mission that I have nothing to compare it to.

I have no mentors I can look up to who have achieved anything similar, and I have no colleagues who can inspire me with a bigger dream.

But thankfully I have friends who share this dream with me, and who inspire me to dream it even bigger.

They challenge me to live the dream I'm creating, and to trust in the mission that hides in my heart.

My mission, and my dream, is to create Heaven on Earth.

I'm not talking about a place we go to after we die, though that's well enough on its own. I don't know if a Heaven after death exists, but I do believe there are ascending levels of consciousness we can reach in this life and beyond, so it's entirely possible.

But the Heaven I'm referring to is the one I experienced in a shamanic ceremony dedicated to honoring Jesus Christ, or who I refer to as Yeheshua Elohim, the Holy Child of God, our Higher Self and Holy Guardian Angel.

In that ceremony, Jesus showed me, my best friend and my girlfriend an experience of what Heaven on Earth could be like, and who we would be at that level of consciousness.

We experienced ourselves as our "Authentic" or "Higher Self," the Self beneath the unconscious programming we created as human beings.

Before the ceremony, we cleansed for 7 days and performed rituals daily to prepare. We fasted the day of the ceremony, and ingested psilocybin mushrooms with Peruvian cacao, as well as a small amount of hash during the ceremony, all with shamanic prayers and intentions.

The experience lasted almost 72 hours, long after the medicine had worn off, and the memory of it is imprinted into our nervous system. We were in Heaven, and we were living as our Heavenly Selves.

Jesus first showed up to me in a shamanic ceremony in Cusco, Peru, with a family of shamans from the Amazon Jungle, and has been guiding me ever since.

He's showed up in visions, dreams, ceremonies and through signs and synchronicities in my reality, like books, articles, magazines and other items.

I should mention that when I say Jesus, I don't exactly mean the man 2000 years ago. If he existed, which he may have, I would imagine he discovered something similar to what I did; that the name Yeheshua (or YHShVH/Yeshua/Jesus), a term given to an individual who reaches Ascension, the End of Suffering, the End of Correction or as the Inca people call it, Absolute Happiness.

No more fear. No more worry. No more feeling of not being accepted. No more loss. No more financial fear. No more low self worth. No more addictions. No more anger. No more loneliness. No more sadness. No. More. Suffering.

It's a state of being that ancient people have been writing about for thousands of years. It's mentioned in the Gita, the Gnostic Texts, the Zohar, the Torah, the New Testament, the Hermetica, and it's operations are well laid out in A Garden of Pomegranates, High Magic and the Kybalion.

It's an Ascended State of Consciousness, a state we access when we've healed our pain, corrected our misaligned mental patterning, and aligned our Will with our Highest Self.

There is a secret about who we REALLY are, my friends, and I have discovered it.

Before I share, I'd like to mention that I'm not talking about converting to or from Christianity, and I'm not talking about the Law of Attraction or The Secret.

What I've discovered is an ancient science, that eventually led to all religions, sciences and spiritual systems, including Christianity and the Law of Attraction. It's a highly complex, but simple psychological, mathematical, geometrical science that helps us imagine God/Creator, as well as our place in the Universe.

What I discovered is a complete map of the Human Soul, and a User's Guide to returning it to its base, pure state. I've come across a Blueprint of the Human Consciousness, an ancient science, hidden from our people for thousands of years.

To put it bluntly: I discovered an achievable Path to Christ Consciousness, and a miraculous self-healing system and philosophy that I believe can change the world.

I was guided to find it by a Higher Power, which I eventually had no choice but to confess was the energy of God, personified through an energy which I know to be Jesus Christ.

Jesus started "stalking me" (lol) in October 2016 after I got my butt kicked by Mother Ayahuasca for the 5th time. I was in Peru and asked the shaman to "give me enough ayahuasca so I never have to do ayahuasca again." In that ceremony, Jesus showed me how to find a miraculous self healing system hidden inside of ancient symbolism.

I was guided to study ALL types of spiritual systems, from Qabalah and Alchemy to Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shamanism and Paganism to understand the difference between the darkness and the light, the path of the Lower Self and the path of the Higher Self.

In that time, I discovered an ancient pattern in the texts and scriptures that revealed a shocking, terrible and extraordinary truth about human beings and what we're capable of.

It helped me recognize what I need to heal in myself so that I can create a life of joy, pleasure, happiness and bliss.

It helped me understand how I am unconsciously creating lead suffering in my life, and how I can transform it into golden opportunities.

I learned that there is an energy, or power available to us that can guide us to a life of true peace, unconditional love and self-forgiveness. We ALL have a path to happiness inside of us, and with the right guidance, we can all find it.

The truth is, we are NOT just Human Beings.

We're are supernatural, superhuman, extraordinary, Angelic-like beings who have been in hibernation for thousands of years (6000-12,000 to be precise).

We have forgotten our superhuman nature, and as a result have sunk into a level of consciousness comparable to a computer full of nasty viruses.

We are riddled with pain and trauma from our past, and the ways humans have treated one another. We all carry scars from our ancient ancestors, and the pain still hidden beneath these scars keeps us from being able to access our superhuman state.

I sat in ceremony with Jesus more than 400 times from October 2016 and August 2018, and in that time I was guided and mentored to develop and entire system to heal myself rooted in ancient Hebrew and Egyptian symbolism.

This system eventually became what we know as Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Math, Geometry, Astronomy and Physics, and it's hidden at the roots of Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, Hinduism, Shamanism and Buddhism.

The system is called The Path of The Pentagram, and it is a Path to Freedom and Liberation, the End of Suffering, the End of Correction, and Absolute Happiness.

It's a journey to Heaven on Earth, a Heaven of your own making, and one you create with those you love.

It's a "hack" for this Game we call Life, and a way to make the adventure more fun and playful.

I have been holding this system back for the past few years because I was afraid to share it out of a fear of judgement and criticism. It's implies some bold ideas, and contradicts what we've been told by mainstream science and religion.

But I recently released an audiobook about it, then another book, then a number of video and audio series. I have been guided by Jesus/Higher Self to put it out there as much as possible, and so this message is my first official way of sharing the truth of it with the world.

My mission is to inspire 1,000,000,000 rock stars, leaders and miraculous healers to dream as big as Heaven on Earth in the next 10 years, so that together we can create a Heavenly World.

We deserve, and I believe we can create it. Do you?