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Purpose. Passion. Play.

A sacred space for free thinkers, thought leaders and big dreamers to discover and become their most authentic selves.

Are You Tired Of Following The Status Quo?

Are you a free thinker, thought leader, big dreamer or high achiever who has a vision for a better world?

Can you feel inside that there MUST be more to life than the drama, chaos and conflict we often see all around us?

Are you looking for a place where you can speak your truth, stand up for what you believe in and be surrounded by other brave warriors like you?

If so, you are not alone.

There is an uprising happening on our planet.

People are waking up to who they really are, and they're not willing to hide their true identity any longer.

People are no longer willing to pretend to be someone they're not so they can fit in with those around them.

We're not willing to say yes when we mean no, say no when we mean yes or carry the responsibility for other people's emotions.

We desire truth, freedom and liberation, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

At The Tribe, we believe that there is a superhuman, rock star warrior inside of each and every one of us.

We believe that beneath the societal programming, pressures and expectations that we've all been exposed to, there is a powerful leader waiting to transform the world in a unique and powerful way.

We've all been exposed to some level of societal programming, even if we're unaware of it.

Did you know that up to 75% of our core beliefs are formed in the first 12 years of our lives?

That means that your beliefs about relationships, finances, health and happiness are all rooted in your pre-teen years.

If you struggle in your intimate relationships, if you give to much or your time and energy to work, or if you're sore, tired and tense a lot of the time, chances are you're suffering from programming formed in your childhood.

What's more, between 40-95% of our decisions are completely unconscious, based on our core beliefs.

That means that almost every decision you make, every day is unconscious and based on beliefs you formed in your childhood.

Have you ever said something or did something in a moment of anger, nervousness or fear, then looked back and thought, "what was I thinking?!"

Have you ever made a decision knowing full well that it would cause you or others pain, yet no matter how hard you tried you couldn't stop yourself from making it?

If so, you've been on the receiving end of misaligned programming.

Our programming (aka our fears, beliefs and habits) determines everything we experience in life. 

If you desire to be a world renowned musician, a talented speaker or a best selling author, it will be your programming that determines whether or not you achieve these dreams.

Furthermore, if you find yourself struggling with addictions, arguing too much with your spouse or procrastinating on your goals and dreams... got it, it's your programming to blame.

At The Tribe, we create space for you to become aware of your unconscious programming so you can consciously create yourself as the person you truly desire to be.

We guide our members to "deprogram" the fears, beliefs and habits that are holding them back so they can "reprogram" themselves to the person they know they have the potential to be.

Whether you want to be a kick-ass dad, a super star wife, a legendary performer or a world leader, it will be your programming that determines your success or failure.

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Leaders Leading Leaders

Have you ever had someone make a suggestion or give you advice that you never acted on, no matter how good that advice might have been?

Have you ever wondered why you don't take suggestions or advice that people give you, even though you know they might be right?

At The Tribe, we believe that you and only you have the best possible solutions to your challenges and obstacles hidden inside of you.

There's an old saying that goes, "if it's their idea, it's a great idea, but if it's your idea, it's your idea." 

In other words, when people come up with an idea of their own, they're more likely to follow it and take action on it.

However, when people are given an idea or told to do something, although they may take action on it, it's a lot less likely to create the massive impact they're looking for in their life.

It's a natural human tendency to trust our own ideas while questioning the ideas of others, no matter how good those ideas are.

When an idea comes from outside of us we're a lot less likely to trust it than if it was inspired inside.

At The Tribe, we don't give advice, make suggestions or tell you how to live your life.

We believe that the best ideas for how to improve your life exist inside of you, so we create space for you to find those solutions all on your own.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Tribe Leaders who are exceptionally trained in arts like high performance coaching, deep listening, relationship resolution, internal martial arts and shamanism.

Our Tribe Leaders won't give you the answers to your problems, but they might just ask a powerful enough question that you find them all on your own.

Our mission is to honor your inner wisdom and higher guidance so you can follow your own internal blueprint for happiness and success.

We believe that you have everything inside of you to overcome all of your challenges and create a magical and miraculous life for yourself.

Our job is simply to remind you of how powerful you are and keep you honest with what it is that you desire most.

Meet Our Tribe Leaders

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Alain Cormier


Julia Warner

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Crystal Inness


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Alex Cormier

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"No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a 'third mind.' When a group of individuals minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group."

- Napoleon Hill

Social Network + Mastermind Community + Training Camp

In an interview, one of the founders of the biggest social media network on the planet (it starts with "F"!) said that he and his co-founders designed their platform, "to exploit fundamental human needs and vulnerabilities." 

In other words, most social media networks are designed to take advantage of fundamental human needs, needs like connection, community and contribution.

When someone "likes" a photo or comments on a post, "feel good" hormones like dopamine and serotonin are released in the brain, tricking the individual into thinking they are connecting with a real person.

Since they aren't actually connecting with real people, their fundamental needs are never actually met, so they become "addicted" to the app so they can keep "getting their fix."

Have you ever wondered why you reach for your phone to check your social media, even when you don't your phone with you?

If so, then you have experienced the unconscious addiction that comes from using these platforms.

**You Deserve to Have Your Needs Met**

We're really passionate about helping people feel happy in life, something we know is only possible if we have our most basic fundamental needs met.

We all share fundamental needs, needs like connection, community, to feel accepted and as if we're making a difference in the world.

We all need to feel like we belong and that it's safe for us to express our true beliefs and feelings.

Rather than create another social network that takes advantage of people's needs, we created The Tribe specifically to help people have their needs met.

We have an online app through Mighty Networks that looks a lot like the other guys but without the drama, conflict and advertisements.

Our members share positive and uplifting content that inspires each other to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Our Inner Tribe members also get to connect with other members every week live online through Zoom Video to "practice" being their most authentic selves.

We have classes like Authentic Self Mastery, a mastermind class where members share their dreams and goals as well as what actions they'll take to achieve them.

How amazing would life be if you knew exactly what action to take to make your biggest dreams come true?

Our Authentic Relating Games often leave members feeling "high" afterwards. These games are short, 3-5 minute question style games where you get to connect with someone you never met before.

Imagine this... you're on a video call with Alex from New Brunswick who gets to ask you any question he wants for five minutes... then you switch. That's just one of the hundreds of games we play.

The Authentic Self Leadership class is like a mini coaching intensive where you're led to discover what you need to do to create the most amount of impact in your life.

Members are broken up into small groups where a Tribe Leader will ask them powerful questions and listen deeply while they find the answers to their challenges deep inside.

To keep it light and fun, our members connect monthly through our Authentic Social Networking class where they simply have conversations with other members about topics they may have never imagined discussing with a stranger before.

We believe that practice is the secret to mastery, and so we create space for our members to practice being who they really are around others who encourage them to take action on a life that lights them up.

The Tribe is kind of like a training camp for brave individuals who want to discover who they really are and develop a habit of being that person in their day to day lives.

It will challenge you to level up in your personal and professional life while inspiring you to take action on the life of your dreams.