The Rise of The Authentic Self


If you have a deep desire for inner healing, transformation or enlightenment, or if you can feel deep inside that your purpose is to contribute to the world and become all you're meant to be, then this book might be for you.

If you desire to heal from trauma or abuse, if you wish to realize your greatest dreams or connect to your spiritual truth, this book can take you there.

If you wish to recognize and realize your superhuman nature, and if you want to live life like a rock star, this book can be your guide.

I have been working on this book, which is actually a shamanic initiation ritual disguised as a book, for five years.

It takes the listener through more than 400+ plant medicine ceremonies I've been part of as well as the mystical, shamanic wisdom I collected throughout my journey.

It outlines how I've healed from dozens of traumatic experiences, how I've overcome a life of crime, heavy drugs and alcohol, as well as how I was able to rise from the ashes from countless epic failures to create the life of my dreams.

It's raw, real and will shake you to your core. It will challenge everything you know about yourself and will encourage you to lean into your edge and expand yourself in ways you never imagined possible.

It may trigger you, anger you, frustrate you and have you laughing hysterically.

It may cause you to cry, scream or be humbled in silence, and I believe you will never be the same after listening to it.

This book has powerful magic hidden behind my stories, and the lessons it offers could, and I believe will, transform our entire planet.

It's a full confession of all of my greatest and most terrible experiences, and the wisdom and understanding I gained as a result.

Please allow me to present my greatest masterpiece and my most painful challenge, The Rise of The Authentic Self (enter your email below to receive for free).

WARNING: there is VERY powerful magic hidden in this book, and it will change you forever if you listen to it fully. I encourage you NOT to start it unless you intend to finish it completely.