Welcome To The Path.

Hi, my name is Ricky Goodall, but that's not really who I am.

Ricky is the character I've been creating since I was born so that I can fit into the world, but I am so much more than that...

...and so are you.

I believe that you are a superhuman, rock star warrior pretending to be "just human" so you can take a vacation away from being all that you are.

I believe that you are God, Creator, Conscious Universe or the "Higher Self" manifested as a human being so you can experience the miracle of your own creation...

...and I believe that you are waking up.

This video series was designed to help you wake up to your own potential and become all that you're meant to be.

I'll be honest... it's deep and intense, and may not be for everyone. Some of the concepts and stories I share may be triggering for some, and even painful for others.

I share it not to convince you of anything, but to inspire you to find a truth that works for you, because I believe that truth needs no convincing.

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In it I share my experiences in 400+ High Magic plant medicine ceremonies, hundreds of hours of coaching and 25+ years of intense martial arts training.

I share how I've healed dozens of "highly stimulating events" (aka traumas) from my past, and how I've guided others to do the same.

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