The Tribe

in Pictou County

The Tribe is a social enterprise organization dedicated to inspiring people to discover and become their most authentic selves. We will be offering a series of workshops and events in Pictou County from September 1, 2020 to November 1, 2020 including Shamanic Breathwork Journeys, Self-Esteem Workshops, Relationship Coaching Intensives and more. To receive updates or to register, enter your name and email below.

Upcoming Events:

Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony

Our breath is the most efficient and effective detoxification system we have, and shamanic breathwork is a powerful technique that can stimulate deep healing, insights and psychedelic-like experiences that leave an individual feeling “high” naturally for hours, days or even a lifetime.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 6pm -8:30pm - 106 Campbell Lane, McLellan's Brook, NS

Cost: by-donation. Maximum 20 people. 

Get It All Out! An Authentic Expression Workshop

Do you ever wish you could just say what you really mean and express how you really feel?
Have you ever felt like you've had to hold back what you were really thinking so you don't offend others?
You're not alone. In fact, I've been there,. which is why I'm hosting Get it All Out: An Authentic Expression Workshop, where you'll have the opportunity to GET OUT all of the "stuff" that holds you back from feeling as great as you can.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 6pm-8pm - 106 Campbell Lane, McLellan's Brook, NS

Cost: by-donation. Maximum 12 people. 

The Authenticity Circle

What if you could recreate yourself to be the person you always imagined? Who would you become? The Authenticity Circle is a full day authenticity intensive designed to get you connected to who you really are, so you can show up as this person in the world. This intensive will challenge you to grow in extraordinary ways and will push you to the edge of your comfort zone. The day will include shamanic breathwork, authentic relating games, self-expression exercises and more.

Saturday, October 24, 2020, 1pm-6pm. Location TBA.

Cost: by-donation. Maximum 100 people. 

All events are by-donation, with no donation too small. To register, enter your information in the box below or email