***DISCLAIMER*** this article is not “Christian,” and it may be triggering for some. Reader discretion is advised.

It doesn’t matter how clearly I share what I’m about to share, there’s a good chance you won’t believe it.

Actually, there’s a good chance you’ll even reject it, curse it, judge it and label it “blasphemy.”

You might even judge me, curse me, reject me and label me a “heretic,” or worse.

What I’m about to share might contradict your religious, scientific or philosophical beliefs, and it may challenge the very identity you’ve spent your entire life creating.

But still, I choose to share what I’m about to share because the weight of keeping it inside has become too heavy to carry.

I am not afraid of judgment, ridicule or rejection, because the truth I’m about to share has given me the tools to transcend the unnecessary suffering that comes with these painful experiences.

That truth is this:

We are all Jesus.

We are all the Holy Child.

We are all the Chosen One.

I can’t possibly fully explain in this article the reason I have complete faith in this statement, but I can at least begin to have the conversation.

In August 2019 I was divinely guided to record a video series (click here to watch on YouTube) explaining all of my experiences and research from October 2015 when I was initiated into a secret esoteric order through to October 2016 when I experienced my 5th, and most profound ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, until August 2018 when I was initiated as a shaman in the Andes Mountains at Etnikas Integrative Healing Clinic under the Herrera Family.

I talk about how Mother Ayahuasca told me to study Hebrew Mysticism, Egyptian Mysticism, Sacred Geometry, Megalithic Temples and Ancient Human Technology so I can discover a truth that will change the world (her words).

I talk about my tour of Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, Peru with ancient human technology expert Brien Foerster, who’s written 22 books on the subject of ancient human technology and the countless ancient (36,000+ years old) megalithic temples he’s visited that we have all over the world.

I talk about the magic systems I’ve discovered like Qabalah, Alchemy and Hermeticism, as well as the shamans and magicians I’ve practiced under.

I talk about the secrets I discovered while studying Gnosticism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism and Paganism, as well as the experiences I had in 400+ plant medicine ceremonies.

I also talk about how I discovered an ancient Hebrew formula that “proves” that we are all Jesus Christ, and how we can use this formula to heal from any sickness or disease.

Shortly after I released the video series above, I spontaneously “channeled” an entire rock demo album called “Star-I-Am: The Shimmering One” (click here to listen on YouTube). Each song is about how we are all “Yeheshua,” or “Jesus,” the Higher Self, and that we are all Gods in disguise.

The album came to me during a series of different channeling sessions I performed using coded esoteric prayers created with Qabalistic formulas. I released the album online on October 13, 2019 for the Full Moon while in Venice Beach, California.

Fast forward seven months later, and from the Full Moon on April 7, 2020 until Good Friday, April 10, 2020 my partner Julia and I practiced a three day spiritual silent water fast to lead up to Easter weekend.

Over the course of the three days I prayed and performed special rituals to connect me to my “Higher Self.” On the second night, Jesus came to me in a dream and told me to give a message to the world.

Jesus told me to tell the world that we are all one, that we are him, he is us and that we are all equal. There are no hierarchies, and no one is above or below anyone else.

He told me that we are all forgiven as soon as we forgive ourselves, and that Heaven is a place we can experience right here, right now.

He told me there were many others who came as him in different names, like Krishna, Horus and Quetzacoatl, but that at the core they and he all have the same message.

He told me to share this message with the world in any way I can.

I recorded a video each day during Easter weekend, one on Good Friday, one Saturday, one Easter Sunday, and one Easter Monday. You can find the videos on YouTube here.

Here are just a few of the powerful truths I received in communication with Higher Self/Jesus:

  • God is not judging us, and we have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed for
  • All of our so-called “sins” were actually the result of our childhood programming, and so they are not ours to carry
  • We are instantly forgiven for our perceived mistakes and “sins” as soon as we can find gratitude and forgive ourselves for them
  • As we forgive our “sins” and heal our pain we unlock talents, skills and superhuman abilities we may not know we have
  • We are all superhuman beings capable of true miracles beyond our wildest imagination, and we are children of God/Creator/Conscious Universe
  • We all have a healing blueprint inside of us that can help us heal from any sickness or disease we ever experience
  • We do not need religion to connect to this part of ourselves and the greatest shaman, guru or priest we will ever find is our own heart
  • The entire world is our very own, personal playground and we are all Kings and Queens of our own Kingdom

I get that these might be a big statements for some, and as I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t blindly believe anything I say. I think that you should question everything and find a truth that works for you.

The reason I’m sharing all of this is because of how amazing my life has become as a result, and what I believe it can do for our people. My life has become a dream, and it’s my mission to share this truth with as many others as I can.

Here are some of the things I’ve experienced since discovering this truth:

  • Family relationships have gone from arguing, getting triggered and judging each other to being transparent, loving and honest.
  • Intimate relationships have gone from insecure, unstable, boring and sad to sexy, playful and deeply passionate.
  • Business and career have gone from inconsistent, stressful and boring to prosperous and free, doing only what I love and getting paid well for it.
  • Personality has gone from angry, impatient and frustrated to feeling more and more joyful all the time.
  • Life has gone from stress, overwhelm and pain to the life I always dreamed I would have.

You might be wondering, “what does this mean for me?”

My answer is this:

Follow the clues. Discover the secrets. Put in the effort. Let go of the pain.

On the other side of this path is true freedom and liberation. There is a place where life becomes magical, and miracles happen all around us.

I’ve hidden enough resources in this article for a person to go much further than I have, so for the determined initiate, everything you need is right here.

We can talk all day about “why” this information hasn’t been available or “who” has been keeping it from us, but as you’ll learn if you follow my breadcrumbs, none of that really matters.

All that matters is that we wake up to who we really are and start living the life we always imagined.

“In this text lay all the secrets of the universe.”

Happy digging.



**I, Ricky Goodall, hereby swear that everything I’ve written here is truth without deceit certain and most veritable, in the names of the Great Divine Oneness, Unity of All That Is, and Ever Was, and Ever Will Be, Mother, Father, Holy Child, expressions of the Divine Creator that thou mayest aid me.**


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