If you're looking to transform your life, achieve your biggest dreams and heal your past, then you really don't need me.

You got to this level without me, and you can get to the next without me too.

My job as a leader, a guide and a friend is not to convince you that you need me in your life, because frankly, you don't.

I'm just another human being with limiting beliefs, misaligned habits and personal biases like anyone else.

Rather, my job is to keep you honest about the fact that you already have everything you need inside of you. 

My purpose in your life is to keep you remembering who you really are and what you really want, not by projecting my beliefs and opinions on to you, but by creating the space for you to discover your own.

I believe there is a blueprint inside of you that can lead to your greatest inspiration, and my role is to help you find it.

I'm not a coach, a shaman or a healer, though I have certainly played those roles in some people's lives.

I am so much more than the titles I've been awarded, the labels I've been given or the judgments others have put on me, good or bad...

...and so are you.

You don't need me in your life, but if you're curious about what it might be like if I was, send me an email to ricky@rickygoodall.com