I always chuckle when someone asks the question, "what do you do?"

As a speaker and teacher, I share stories about how I've discovered an ancient path to living an authentic life. I believe we are all the "Chosen One," so to speak, and that we all have the power to choose our destiny and live a legendary life. I believe that the human race is far older than we realize, and that there are ancient, hidden forms of wisdom that can help us unlock and elevate our consciousness.

As a coach, I guide leaders and influencers to discover their blind spots, overcome their challenges and connect to their passion and purpose. I believe that even coaches need coaches, and I've been fortunate enough to have worked under some incredible ones. I don't give advice or make suggestions, but rather I ask powerful questions and create space for my clients to find their own answers. My clients are CEO's, entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and politicians.

As a medicine shaman, I guide brave warriors to forgive themselves and others so they can create a joyful and inspiring life. I'm initiated under a family of indigenous shamans in the Andes Mountains after experiencing hundreds of plant medicine ceremonies to heal myself and my past. I believe that Mother Nature has all of the medicine we need, and our modern medical system is far inferior to her wisdom.

As a martial artist, I train to tame my mind and keep my body lean and flexible. I spent 8 years in my 20's as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, and although my competition days are over, I still love to train for the sake of training. I believe that everyone could benefit from training martial arts, especially for developing a strong self-image and focusing the mind. My favorites are Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling Tai Chi.

As a musician I sing, chant, play guitar, rattles and djembe, and my music is written to inspire and awaken the rock star inside of my fans and followers. I believe there is a rock star (rock = earth, star = heavens) inside of us all, and everything I do is with the purpose of sharing that truth with the world.